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Looking for the best mattress or perhaps some sleeping gadgets? We have got you covered, here at you will find lots of mattresses, pillows, and other bedroom-related product reviews as well detailed information about sleep and things you can do to improve it!

No matter what impact recent world events have made on your life, we can all agree that it’s been a nervous couple of years. This heightened level of anxiety and stress may be taking a toll on your brain, spirit, and body. These events may have damaged your ability to sleep. Know that you’re not alone and that there is science-backed help out there.

Why We Do What We Do

Poor sleep affects your life in many negative ways. Not sleeping well, deeply, or as long as you need for good health can impact your

  • Safety and ability to focus
  • Mental health and ability to stay calm
  • Brain health and ability to think and retain memories
  • Heart health
  • Tissue health

Long-term, poor sleep can contribute to your risk of diabetes and even some forms of cancer. Being fully rested makes it much easier to be productive and make healthy choices during your waking hours.

End Your Day Satisfied (and Tired)

With enough sleep every night, you have the chance to fully enjoy your life. You will have the focus you need to tackle what you have to do, the patience you need to deal with many different personalities, and the energy you need to be there for your family.

The goal of all the folks at is about helping you find a better quality of life through better sleep. Our co-founder, Pavel Ufimtsev, is a Certified Sleep Coach with the training necessary to help people make incremental changes to improve the

  • Quality of their sleep
  • Time they stay asleep
  • Quality of their waking hours

We review the products that can improve the quality of your sleep, from mattresses to bedding to window coverings. We also offer information on habits and practices that can improve your ability to rest.

Factors to Improve Rest

Quality sleep is easier if you can maintain quality sleep hygiene. Your space needs to be

  • Dark
  • Cool
  • Quiet

Your bed needs to be appropriately firm and your bedding needs to be comfortable and warm enough for you. When it comes to quality sleep for brain health, in particular, you need to get into the deepest level of sleep to cleanse the brain of stress-related toxins. Deep sleep is accompanied by a drop in core body temperature.

Many of us struggle to fall asleep in a cool room because our feet are cold. Consider investing in an electric throw that you can use just on your feet and legs to warm up the bed before you snuggle in. Overheating your whole body may agitate you out of that deepest level of sleep and prevent your core body temp from cooling off for that healthiest level of deep sleep.

About the Team

In addition to keeping your bedroom set up for quality rest, you want to monitor your body and your mind for best preparation to wind down your body and brain. 
Our co-founder Pavel Ufimtsev is learning to meditate as a way to prepare the mind for the deepest rest. You can meditate before bed or during the day to clear away the mental debris, or simply play a guided meditation recording when you get into bed to lead your brain to relaxation and sleep.

Pavel Ufimtsev

He believes in work-life balance. You’ll get better sleep if you’re tired both in body and mind, so exercise is key. Time with family and friends is critical to building the joy into each day.

Pavel is an IT Entrepreneur, a participant in many IT/Marketing projects and work is superbly important for him. But to perform well at your job you need to be well-rested and healthy, that’s part of the reason he became a Certified Sleep Coach. 

As he learns what it takes to build strong, healthy habits and routines in each part of his life, he is happy to share this data with others who may be struggling to find a happy medium.

Pavel is a Sleep Science Coach certified by Spencer Institute:

  • Certificate Number: Q271826179
  • Completion Date: 09.17.2021

Amanda Doyle

She is a very experienced researcher and writer in the sleep and bedroom niche, even a little obsessed with mattress firmness, bedding comfort, and darkness. 

A childhood in the frozen north means that a warm bed in a room that’s just above chilly is pretty much heaven. Bedding materials, from fleece to high-end cotton, all require serious consideration. Blackout drapes, which come in especially handy in snow country because of all that reflective material on the ground, are also a source of fascination.

She believes strongly in life habits. One of the most amazing things about our brains is that we are always building habits, consciously or unconsciously. The key is to build a platform of habits that make the rest of life flow well.

Finally, she owns her meditation time. Once meditation becomes a habit, the release of clearing your mind for even five minutes can be as good as a nap. The key is to be gentle with your mind when tough thoughts start to spin.

Your Internal Sleep Environment

In addition to clearing your mind, take care not to pollute your body in ways that will damage the quality of your sleep. Stimulants like caffeine and nicotine will get in the way of winding down. Depressants like alcohol will block you from entering a healthy sleep cycle.

Product Reviews

SleepMattress gathers data about the products that make your physical space work for the best sleep. If you run a search on the phrase “new mattress” you can find a million links that you don’t need. We can help you winnow out the products that don’t work in your space or work with your budget.

Our product reviews also help you determine the best sleeping gear for now and in the future. If you’re in your first apartment or a dorm room, you need something small. You also need something extremely portable. A folding mattress might be your best option, but a folding mattress can also be a chair. Now you’re getting twice the use out of your mattress, but you’re putting twice the wear on the foam. We can help you find the best quality item for your size and budget needs.

Our Review Process

Our teams review hundreds of products to study the best of the best. While no product will thrill every shopper, we can help you find the very best products in the class you need. We’ll also go through the negative comments and give you a heads-up on things to consider before you click “buy now!”

As possible, we’ll also give you information about the manufacturer of the gear we’re reviewing. A great mattress from a manufacturer with a very strong history will boost your confidence in your purchase. As noted above, it’s been a nervous time. Feeling confident about your purchases can reduce worries and improve your sleep.

The world needs alert, caring people who can approach the world with a kind heart and some humor. Healthy sleep equals a healthier you, a healthier community, and stronger families!

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