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15 Best Low Profile Platform Beds Buyer’s Guide. Stylish and Modern Look!

December 3, 2021 | By Amanda Doyle | Bedding

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Written by Amanda Doyle Sleep Researcher Writer
Reviewed by Pavel Ufimtsev Sleep Science Coach

If you love the minimalist look but don’t want to give up your innerspring mattress, you can still enjoy the long, low look offered by low platform beds. These slatted frames can support any mattress, from foam to innerspring, and don’t need a box spring to both protect the mattress from crushing and keep you off the floor.

With a platform bed, you don’t need stairs for your pet or your child to crawl in bed with you. There’s much less risk of rolling out of bed for all concerned, and you may even find that you sleep cooler since you’re closer to the floor.

What is a Low Profile Bed?

A low profile bed is simply a bed that sits closer to the floor without requiring that the mattress be on the floor. You can get low platform beds with a wooden box frame that supports the slats, leaving no gap at all under the bed, or you can get these frames with under bed storage drawers already attached.

One of the biggest benefits of a low profile bed is that you can skip the box spring. If you’ve ever wanted to add a mattress to a loft, you know the pain of trying to get a box spring up a tight set of stairs. However, a low profile frame can open up your options.

Benefits of Low Profile Bed Frame?

  • Putting low platform beds in a small space can make the room appear larger.
  • The mattress itself will stay cooler as it’s closer to the floor.
  • Shorter people, smaller pets, and children will be much safer getting on and off a low profile frame.
  • You can turn a simple tray into a nightstand.
  • You can go vertical with storage instead of dragging tubs out from under the bed.

Difference between Platform Bed Frame and Standard Bed Frame?

While low platform beds rest the mattress on slats, a standard bed frame needs a box spring to protect the mattress from crushing damage and to provide airflow. It should be noted that all mattresses need some type of support. Placing any mattress directly on the floor can increase your risk of moisture build-up and lead to mildew, bacteria, and other damage.

However, if you need a bed that is closer to the floor than a standard bed frame, using a platform bed frame will allow you to keep your favorite innerspring or hybrid foam and innerspring mattress in excellent shape without dealing with the bulk of a box spring.

Best Low Profile Beds Reviews

1. Top pick: The Floyd Bed by Floyd

The Floyd Bed by Floyd

In the world of low platform beds, many shoppers are looking for a frame that can grow as needed. The Floyd Bed by Floyd offers a great deal of flexibility. You can buy the basic platform frame, choose to add a headboard in the future and add a pullout drawer for later use. This frame has a simple metal leg design that puts the pressure on the floor without adding the single pressure point of a leg, poking down into carpet, or pressing into solid surface flooring. It's quite easy to assemble and easy to customize as needed.

  • Easy to put together and easy to store when you're ready to move
  • Wood tone is available in light or dark, as are assembly brackets
  • Add a low profile drawer for more storage


  • This bed is low; if you struggle to get up off the floor, it may not work
  • The platform is designed to be visible around the edge of the mattress; this can be hard on the back of your ankles
  • Storage under this bed will be tight and the wire baskets may not work if you need to store something heavy

The Floyd Bed by Floyd

  • The plywood platform has a pretty wood tone and offers great, squeak-free stability.
  • This platform bed can be easily assembled with very few screws.
  • You can enjoy this sturdy bed frame as a simple platform or add other features as it suits your decor.

2. The Malibu Platform Bed Frame by Avocado

The Malibu Platform Bed Frame by Avocado

Your Malibu Platform Bed Frame by Avocado will be environmentally friendly, comfortable, and excellently suited to your decor. This bed frame is made of reclaimed wood and features a low slat base for great airflow. You can also add a headboard to suit your taste. These bedframes do not use any formulated wood products that will outgas and release toxins into your sleeping space. Products not made of reclaimed wood are constructed of hearty, sustainable maple.

  • Slats provide both strength and ventilation
  • The Avocado mattresses and frames are all low-VOC
  • If you need a taller mattress, you can add a plush mattress to this frame


  • This bed is very close to the floor; getting out of it may be difficult
  • If you need under bed storage, this frame is too low
  • The finish is both simple and unique. If you need something to match your existing furniture, you may struggle to find the right piece

The Malibu Platform Bed Frame by Avocado

  • This low-profile platform bed is held off the floor with a set of short round maple legs.
  • The finish options offer the chance to add this bed to any decor.
  • Toxin free finish will help you breathe easy all night.

3. The LAX Platform Bed by MASH Studios

The LAX Platform Bed by MASH Studios

The LAX Platform Bed by MASH Studios features the styling of the earliest low profile beds with a modern add-on headboard that offers both comfort and storage. This platform bed has a low-luster linseed oil finish that you can keep looking great with a mild detergent. You can also re-polish this wood with a simple layer of linseed oil on a lint-free cloth. The finish on the lumber is a medium wood tone and the headboard has a soft fabric cover, ideal for supporting a pillow.

  • This platform bed is made of English Walnut and will stand the test of time
  • The add-on headboard is a light linen tone that will match nearly any decorating style
  • The slatted base is designed to breathe


  • This square frame sits directly on the floor; it may be difficult to stand from
  • There is no storage under this frame
  • The oil finish can darken if exposed to sunlight

The LAX Platform Bed by MASH Studios

  • This square platform bed features a slatted bottom for airflow and coolness.
  • The finish can easily be repaired with a bit of light sanding and another coat of linseed oil.
  • Once constructed, this very solid platform bed will give you many nights of squeak free sleep.

4. Simple Black Metal Bed Base by CB2

Simple Black Metal Bed Base by CB2

If you love a minimalist look, the Simple Black Metal Bed Base by CB2 is a great choice. These low profile beds offer value by offering durability and nothing less. There is six inches of clearance under this bed if needed, but the lines may be more appealing with nothing under this bed at all.

  • This simple black frame is an ideal basic bed for a new home or apartment
  • The slats will protect your mattress and the center support offers adjustable feet
  • There's enough clearance for a robot vacuum


  • Some users find that the center of the bed sags
  • This will show dust over time
  • There is next to no space for under bed storage

Simple Black Metal Bed Base by CB2

  • Basic black box frame with short, square legs.
  • This slatted frame offers durable center support with adjustable feet for squeak-free sleep.
  • It does exactly what is called for and nothing else!

5. Justina Platform Bed Frame by Zinus

Justina Platform Bed Frame by Zinus

If you love the idea of a fabric covered platform bed but need a bit more flexibility, the Justina Platform Bed Frame by Zinus is a great choice. This bed features a metal frame with slats, wooden legs that screw in, and a removable cover that you can hook in place and remove for laundering.

  • Assembly is easy by design in this clever metal frame
  • You can quickly remove and wash the cover if it gets dusty or dirty
  • The center beam makes this bed extremely sturdy


  • You have to assemble the frame and then add the legs, which may be cumbersome
  • It may take a mallet to tap the frame together
  • The metal slats may allow some mattresses to sag

Justina Platform Bed Frame by Zinus

  • This frame is constructed via slots and locks, rather than screws and bolts.
  • The covers are plush and look permanent but can easily be removed.
  • The wooden legs add warmth.

6. The Nein Bed by Medley

The Nein Bed by Medley

Not everyone has multiple wood tones in their decor. These folks will love the Nein Bed by Medley. This line of low platform beds has a fabric cover that offers both visual softness and simple colors to better coordinate your home.

  • This bed is made in California and shipped to you for delivery and assembly
  • The fabric options can allow you to stay minimal or warm up your space with richer colors
  • The aluminum rails mean this bed will be both quiet and sturdy


  • The exterior fabric covered panels only clear the floor by an inch or so
  • Cleaning under this bed may be a challenge
  • The headboard height is just under two feet; this bed may appear squat depending on window configuration

The Nein Bed by Medley

  • In addition to a soft fabric cover, this bed has a plush headboard for more comfort.
  • The mattress will sit five inches off the ground on sturdy aluminum rails.
  • You can design your bed around various fabric swatches, making your Nein exactly what you need.

7. The Bed by Thuma

The Bed by Thuma

Fans of Japanese design will love the Bed by Thuma. Not only is this a sturdy, lovely piece that is easy to put together, but the finishing touches are remarkable. The joinery features a lock upon lock design, so each new member makes the piece more secure. When you go to add the slats, you'll enjoy the fleeces wraps that keep them spaced for quiet and comfort.

  • You can assemble this bed with one person
  • With the right storage, you can actually make this bed even more attractive
  • Cleaning under it will be a breeze


  • The slats are heavy; you may need to open this box at your front door and carry it one piece at a time
  • The legs are set at each corner; this bed doesn't float to the eye
  • The locking joints can be hard to line up

The Bed by Thuma

  • The Thuma has a lovely wood tone that will suit almost any style.
  • The locking members will make this a very sturdy bed.
  • The slats will not slide or squeak thanks to the soft wraps.

8. Juniper Platform Bed by Apt 2B

Juniper Platform Bed by Apt 2B

If you love the look of wood and you've never heard of Tasmanian Blackwood, you are in for a treat! The Juniper Platform Bed by Apt 2B is one of the few low profile beds that could have been designed 50 years ago and will match almost any decor. The slightly inset legs have a sturdy flair that will look great over a rug or hardwood. The underside of this frame is also Tasmanian Blackwood, making this bed beautiful from all angles.

  • This lovely bed is easy to care for and will look great with just a simple dusting routine
  • The curved headboard offers great style and a spot to lean a pillow
  • The finish is warm enough to work with many colors


  • The assembly instructions in the box are clearer than those on the website
  • There's a bit of give to the headboard
  • For a low profile bed, this has a higher, more traditional feel than you may want

Juniper Platform Bed by Apt 2B

  • The frame that holds the slats that support the mattress sits on another box that includes the legs. Once assembled, this bed is going to last.
  • You can make this bed as simple or as fussy as you like.
  • The supportive frame will give you many nights of squeak-free sleep!

9. Dondra Teak Queen Bed by CB2

Dondra Teak Queen Bed by CB2

Those who love the glow of real teak will be excited to find it in low profile beds at last! The hearty Dondra Teak Queen Bed by CB2 is both a slanted headboard and slatted low profile bed frame in one. The square, chunky legs give this bed a very sturdy look that will stand the test of time. The headboard offers a slight lean for those who love to read or catch a bit of television before bed.

  • This bed is designed to stand the test of time
  • The slats come on panels for easy installation and consistent spacing
  • The teak is simply gorgeous; if you love wood, you need this bed


  • It will take two people to put this together
  • These are heavy; it may take more than two people to get it to your sleeping area
  • The clearance is very low; you probably won't be able to use under bed storage

Dondra Teak Queen Bed by CB2

  • The angled headboard features a sturdy supportive wedge behind it for long-term stability.
  • The square legs make this an ideal bed for decors from Danish to Prairie.
  • In addition to the heavy duty legs at all four corners, there are two matching legs on the center support.

10. Platform Bed Frame by Lull

Platform Bed Frame by Lull

If you love the look of wood, finding low profile beds that don't disappear in the space can be a challenge. However, the Platform Bed Frame by Lull is a great option. This frame is designed to support a Lull mattress, though most any mattress can work on a slatted frame. Bringing this together is fairly simple. The legs affix to the top and bottom of the frame, then the square is hooked together. Next, the center rail is hooked into the top of the bottom of the frame and the slats are laid in the grooves.

  • You will have 7 inches of clearance under this bed for storage
  • This bed offers great masculine styling
  • The slats are designed for maximum support and maximum airflow


  • There is no support under the center slat guide, which may lead to sag
  • You may need help to assemble this and the frames are quite heavy
  • Legs are obviously visible; if you like a floating frame, this probably won't suit you

Platform Bed Frame by Lull

  • This pine bed features a lush stain that shows off the beauty of the grain.
  • The squared and slightly angled legs add visual variety and style.
  • The grooves for the slats make this bed a wonderfully durable spot to snuggle in.

11. Natural Wood Frame by Helix

Natural Wood Frame by Helix

If you love the look of wood joinery, the Natural Wood Frame by Helix is an ideal choice for your minimalist home. These beds are extremely durable; the Twin and XL Twin can take up to 500 pounds and the larger beds are rated for three times that amount. The finish can be a simple pine or plain white, making this platform bed an ideal choice for simple decor.

  • As you put this frame together, each piece secures the one that follows
  • Set the bottom rail into the corners to create the channel for the side runners
  • The square, sturdy corners will match either cottage or modern minimalist styles


  • This frame is not designed to support a headboard
  • The Helix has an outer corner post, making it harder to clean under and easier to stub a toe
  • Assembly will take longer since you need to lay each slat individually

Natural Wood Frame by Helix

  • This frame is designed to go together with very few screws.
  • During assembly, each member you add locks the previous one into place for stability.
  • The side supports are grooved to secure each individual slat.

12. The Platform Bed Frame by Casper

The Platform Bed Frame by Casper

If you're looking for low profile beds with modern styling, the Platform Bed Frame by Casper is a great option. These beds offer aluminum hardware and a powder coated frame for long-term corrosion protection, beech slats for durability, and laminate MDF lumber for a pretty headboard. You can choose to add a headboard, or simply go with a frame in the color of your choice.

  • This bed comes in grey or white and the finish makes cleanup a breeze
  • The frame doesn't just screw together; these members hook together and are tightened with a set screw
  • The round legs at the corner add a bit of whimsy


  • The round legs at the corner can make cleaning under and around this bed a challenge
  • The center beam doesn't have its own legs, which can lead to sagging over time
  • The light finish may eventually make keeping this frame clean a challenge

The Platform Bed Frame by Casper

  • The round legs at each corner make this a great bed for a child′s room.
  • The assembly is very simple and can be done by one person.
  • The slats come rolled with durable mesh to maintain spacing.

13. Basi Oak Bed Frame by Article

Basi Oak Bed Frame by Article

The Basi Oak Bed Frame by Article makes it easy to add a warm wood tone to your sleeping space. It should be noted that this bed is made of oak veneer plywood, rather than solid oak, and is finished for easy cleaning. The round legs are solid oak and stained to match the plywood. Like many low platform beds, this frame offers a center beam from top to bottom for increased durability.

  • The bed tray that holds the slats has a nice wide rim to prevent squeaking or sliding
  • The round legs are inset for your robot vacuum to make cleanup quick
  • The slats are plywood, increasing their flexibility and reducing the risk of splitting


  • This frame is over 110 pounds
  • The oak veneer is well done, but this is not a solid oak frame
  • This frame hooks together with metal brackets at each corner and beam; if you don't have tools, you may need to contact Task Rabbit

Basi Oak Bed Frame by Article

  • You'll have 6 inches of clearance under your Basi once assembled.
  • The center beam has its own supports and hooks into the frame at the top and bottom for even more stability.
  • The wood finish is warm enough to go with a variety of tones.

14. Cayman Platform Bed by Pottery Barn

Cayman Platform Bed by Pottery Barn

For plush simplicity, the Cayman Platform Bed by Pottery Barn is a great choice. Like many low profile beds, this frame has no headboard. However, the frame can be kept visible with a bit of blanket tucking, which means that you can enjoy the lovely finish options. From pale Biscotti to lush Coffee Bean to Warm Black, you can find a wood tone that will suit your space.

  • This bed will tolerate up to 500 pounds of weight
  • The strong slats will keep your bed aired and supported long into the future
  • The legs are slightly inset, making vacuuming and other cleaning much easier


  • This frame is 120 pounds; you will want to use the delivery service
  • The Cayman only offers 5.5 inches of clearance
  • If you want a platform bed that extends far past the mattress, this one is more of a tray

Cayman Platform Bed by Pottery Barn

  • This hearty beamed frame has round legs for visual variety.
  • The center beam and outside legs are all inset, offering a floating look for easy cleaning.
  • The sturdy bed slats will support your mattress fully.

15. Neiden Bed Frame by IKEA

Neiden Bed Frame by IKEA

If you love the look of simple wood, the Neiden Bed Frame by IKEA is an excellent choice. This frame has a simple headboard built in and offers just over 7.5 inches of clearance for under bed storage bins. Each of these pine frames can be left plain or stained; if you plan to leave it plain, clean with care so you don't inadvertently damage the wood grain with water or chemicals. The slats on this bed are slightly bowed up to support your mattress now and in the future.

  • You can customize your Neiden bed with paint or stain
  • The low profile headboard is a great spot to clip light or rest a pillow
  • The curved slats offer sturdy support


  • Like many Ikea products, you will need to assemble your bed, which can be confusing and will take time
  • Leaving the frame plain may make it hard to keep clean over time
  • Some users found the screw holes didn't line up; consider using Task Rabbit to assemble this bed

Neiden Bed Frame by IKEA

  • This frame features a cross center beam to support the slats
  • Your mattress will get great airflow thanks to the sizable clearance.
  • Each frame is unique thanks to the look of real wood.

Why buy a Low Profile Bed Frame?

A mattress on the floor puts you at risk of mold and mildew. It can also put you at risk of spiders and mice in your mattress. Even low platform beds can provide airflow under the mattress and make it easier to get up off your bed upon rising. With the right slats in place, a low profile bed frame can also provide support for mattresses including foam, innerspring, or hybrid. If you don’t have a box spring or just don’t like the look of a high, plush bed, a low profile frame can be an ideal option.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Low Profile Bed Frame


Even a low bed frame will give you air movement and prevent moisture build-up. It will also give you gentler support than a hard, flat expanse of floor. All the low platform beds of this review offer some airflow openings in the platform that directly touches the mattress.


While low profile beds don’t provide a great deal of height, you can get a great quality frame in the largest king frames. Not only will these low bed frames keep your mattress ventilated and less likely to develop mold or serve as a host to bacteria, but you can enjoy a very large bed in a smaller space that won’t look like a mountain range in the middle of your bedroom.


You can get a low profile bed frame from a traditionally lower-cost retailer like Ikea, or you can buy one made of organically grown maple or reclaimed wood. If you are set on a low profile platform bed for your sleeping comfort, you can probably find one within your budget. No matter which floor bed frame you choose, you will provide a lot more protection to your mattress than if you laid it on the floor.


Most of the low profile bed frames in this review are quite easy to assemble, disassemble and move. If you need a low queen bed frame that you can easily break down and take to a new bedroom or a new apartment, a low profile platform bed frame may make your next move a lot easier.

Ease of Access

These low platform beds will be easy for anyone of nearly any height to access comfortably. It will keep your mattress from filling up with moisture, dust, and mildew. It will also be a great option for parents that often wake up with a bed full of little ones. Carefully review the amount of wood on the rim of your mattress before you make your final choice; this wooden platform could easily scrape the back of a leg as you get out of some of these beds.

Ease of Relocation

Most of the beds in this review have at least some legs that will make it easy to clean under. However, there are platform beds that will feature wooden rails that sit directly on the floor. If you aren’t absolutely sure where you want your bed to go, you may want to settle your bet on furniture glides appropriate to your flooring until you have made your decision.


  1. Are low profile beds better?

    A low profile frame is a much better choice than putting your mattress on the floor.

  2. Why are low profile beds popular?

    Low profile beds offer a lovely, minimalist look that keeps your sleeping space simple and unobtrusive.

  3. Can you put a regular mattress on a low profile bed?

    A slatted low profile frame can successfully support any mattress. If you don't have access to get your box spring into your new bedroom, you can keep your innerspring mattress safe and usable on a slatted frame.

  4. How much are Low Platform Beds?

    You can find a low profile platform bed for a budget price or you can spend a great deal more. No matter which frame you choose to get, make sure you carefully monitor the weight tolerance for your new platform frame.

  5. Where to buy Low Platform Beds?

    Most furniture lines will have a lower bed frame. If you can't find one from your favorite furniture manufacturer, you can probably find one from another manufacturer in a basic wood tone, simple black, or a uniform fabric cover.

Settle In, Sleep Deep

For the easiest assembly and most versatile low profile platform bed frame, The Floyd Bed by Floyd is an excellent option. If you want a headboard, you can add it. If you want storage, you can add that. If you just want a bed that you can easily disassemble and take to your new bedroom, sleeping loft, apartment, or home, you will have that too. If you’ve ever avoided a purchase because of a bad experience with the phrase “some assembly required” you can be confident in your Floyd bed. The brackets that make up the frame require a few screws and offer great sleep in a short time.

The Floyd Bed by Floyd

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