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Best Mattress Under $1000. Top 10 Picks and Yes! you can buy a good mattress!

February 4, 2022 | By Amanda Doyle | Mattresses

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Written by Amanda Doyle Sleep Researcher Writer
Reviewed by Pavel Ufimtsev Sleep Science Coach

Getting a new bed may be the key to having the energy to manage your day. When looking for a mattress under $1000, make sure you keep in mind what density and firmness you need. 

If you tried a foam mattress in years past and found it far too hot, it’s time to check out this technology again. Sometimes, the best mattress under $1000 is a combination of coils and foam for quality support and airflow. Be aware that the best hybrid mattress under $1000 will probably cost a bit more than a layered foam mattress. 

You don’t need a huge amount of money to get a great bed. Beds under $1000 can be incredibly comfortable.

Nectar Mattress

Brooklyn Bedding Signature Mattress

Helix Midnight Mattress

Best Customizable Mattress

Helix Midnight Mattress

Layla Mattress

Best Memory Foam Mattress

Layla Mattress

Tuft & Needle Mattress

Most Affordable Mattress

Tuft & Needle Mattress

GhostBed Mattress

Best Latex Mattress

GhostBed Mattress

Puffy Mattress

Best Mattress for Side Sleepers

Puffy Mattress

Cocoon Chill Mattress

Best Firm Mattress

Cocoon Chill Mattress

Dreamfoam Chill Memory Foam Mattress

Bear Original

Best for Hip Pain

Bear Original

The Best Mattresses Under $1000: Top 10 Reviews

1. Top pick: Nectar Mattress

Nectar Mattress

When shopping for the best mattress on a budget, you can still get great comfort and not bust your budget. For example, the Nectar Mattress is a terrific layered foam mattress for under $1000.

The Nectar starts with a low cover to protect it from shifting around. The bottom 7 inches of this mattress supports the structure of the mattress and keeps air moving. Above that is a dynamic support layer that provides more cushion as you sink into it. The layer above dynamic support is all about cooling.

Finally, the top cover offers soft, quilted coolness. A common complaint about all-foam mattresses is that they are hot. If you bought a first-generation foam mattress and got cooked out of bed, the Nectar is worth another look.

This mattress is formulated to wick heat and moisture away from your skin. A mattress under 1000 can be incredibly comfortable.

You can place this mattress on your existing box spring or invest in a new platform or metal frame. Carefully study up on the slat requirements if you choose to get a platform from another manufacturer to avoid sag over time.

  • You get a full year to test drive your Nectar
  • This mattress has a lifetime warranty
  • If you love your current frame and box spring, this mattress will work! Measure twice, order just once


  • This mattress is on the firm side. If you need more squish, it may not work for you
  • There's no latex in this mattress, it's all polyester
  • This mattress needs air and it's not terribly heavy, it probably won't work as a floor mattress

Nectar Mattress

  • This 12 inch thick mattress offers terrific support across the span of the mattress and doesn't slide or bounce around.
  • The quilted top will keep your sheets from sliding around and bunching up.
  • The layers of this mattress mean that movement doesn't transfer. If you're restless and your partner is a light sleeper, you won't keep them awake.

2. Best Hybrid Mattress: Brooklyn Bedding Signature Mattress

Brooklyn Bedding Signature Mattress

For those shopping for a mattress under $1000 that offers a lot of flexibility, the Brooklyn Bedding Signature Mattress is a wonderful choice. This is the best hybrid mattress under 1000 and offers many options in terms of firmness.

Your Brooklyn mattress in soft or medium has a quilted top fabric, 1.5 inches of Titanflex foam for softness, a 1-inch layer of Variflex Transition for motion stability, an 8-inch bed of coils, and a .25 inch of flexible base foam.

The firm version has a thinner quilted top and a thinner layer of Titanflex. The mattress is of the same construction, but the foam density and thickness are slightly different. Not only is the best hybrid mattress on a budget available in your density need, but you can enjoy cool sleep as air moves through that coil layer.

  • The quilted top breaks up the square look of a traditional foam mattress
  • You get 120 days to get snuggled into this mattress
  • This mattress can be purchased in soft, medium or firm


  • The twin version of this mattress is 60 pounds and it goes up from there
  • The edge of this mattress is formulated for firmness so you can easily get up, but it does take up a chunk of the real estate of the mattress
  • These mattresses can't be flipped, though they should be rotated

Brooklyn Bedding Signature Mattress

  • Individually cased coils allow sleepers to isolate and not be bounced around by the movements of their partner.
  • This bed is designed to stay cool.
  • The high flex base makes it possible to get this mattress in a box!

3. Best Customizable Mattress: Helix Midnight Mattress

Helix Midnight Mattress

The Helix Midnight Mattress is one of the best hybrid mattresses under $1000 options. This richly layered mattress starts with a durable foam base.
The next layer includes individually wrapped coils and a firm perimeter to make getting in and out of bed easier.

On top of the coils is a polyester foam that will flex with you as you move. If you're a side sleeper, this layer gives more support at the hips. A back sleeper will get even support at the shoulders and pelvis. The top layer of foam is a memory foam in a Helix blend to carry away heat.

In fact, these mattresses do a great job of breaking with the concept that every foam mattress has to sleep hot. These mattresses move heat away from the skin of the sleeper.

Finally, the fabric cover is designed to maintain stretch and to move air to avoid overheating. If you want to spend more than $1,000, you can upgrade to the Luxe, or sleep in luxurious comfort on the 12" Midnight.

  • This mattress will work on an adjustable base
  • Motion does not transfer from one side to the other
  • You can finance this mattress for budgetary as well as physical comfort


  • There is some odor as the polyester foam expands
  • If you like to snuggle in, this mattress may not be plush enough
  • This mattress may not tolerate being placed on a box spring

Helix Midnight Mattress

  • Heat circulates away from hot sleepers on this mattress.
  • This mattress offers ideal support for side and back sleepers, making it a good option that will please both partners!
  • The perimeter support is not invasive but is enough support to help you out of bed.

4. Best Memory Foam Mattress: Layla Mattress

Layla Mattress

Athletes will love the Layla Mattress as a way to enjoy both restorative sleep and a mattress under $1000. From the top-down, Layla has a reactive cooling cover to take away heat and moisture.

Below this is a 3-inch layer of copper gel memory foam, providing inherent antimicrobial protection and variable support as you move. There is a 2-inch layer to move heat and provide airflow, a 4.5-inch layer of core foam to cut down on motion transfer, and another layer of copper-infused foam in firm foam to move air and prevent bacterial growth.

If you need a firmer mattress, you can flip your Layla. You can also probably get away with putting this mattress on the floor for a time if the funds are very tight. Ultimately, you want to keep your foam mattress on some sort of support unit that will let air move beneath the bed.

Moisture build-up can lead to odors, bacteria, and mildew. Keeping your memory foam mattress elevated will reduce this risk. Carefully study the slat requirements to avoid structural damage and sag.

If you can tolerate it, do go ahead and flip this mattress. It's the only mattress in this review that can be flipped to protect your investment!

  • The cover is soft but not fuzzy; if you don't like the grab of a fuzzy cover when making the bed, this is ideal
  • The largest Layla, the California King, is only 87 pounds
  • You can try this mattress for 120 days and enjoy a lifetime warranty


  • This mattress has a square edge; if you don't like the boxy look of memory foam, this one may not work for you
  • There is a risk of a chemical smell when you unbox this mattress
  • There are no supportive edges on this mattress

Layla Mattress

  • Copper offers heat relief, antibacterial protection, and healing. If you hurt, this may be your best bed!
  • Unlike many foam mattresses, this one can be flipped depending on your need.
  • You can put this on an adjustable frame or a basic platform bed.

5. Most Affordable Mattress: Tuft & Needle Mattress

Tuft & Needle Mattress

If you're looking for a great sleep on a quality budget mattress, the Tuft & Needle Mattress mattress is a great choice.

And this mattress is under $1000 and then some offer two layers of heat-wicking comfort. The top layer is also patented to provide you with support as you compress your Tuft & Needle; it will move with you as you change position and soak up the softness.

You can also boost the antimicrobial protection for a small fee. Do get in the habit of rotating this mattress; it can't be flipped effectively but rotating it will reduce the risk of crash damage. Depending on your heat tolerance and tendency to perspire in your sleep, this extra protection may be more than is necessary.
Your Tuft & Needle can be used on a metal or a wood frame, but it should not be placed on a box spring or on the floor.

  • If your budget is tight but you really want a foam mattress, this is a good choice for permanent use
  • This would also be a great mattress for your guest room
  • Both side and back sleepers will be comfortable on this mattress


  • This is a very boxy mattress; if you like a softer look, this one won't suit
  • If you need motion isolation for you and a partner, this mattress may not suit
  • Very hot sleepers may not be comfortable on this polyester mattress

Tuft & Needle Mattress

  • These foam mattresses are not hard on your wallet or your lifting ability; even the California King is under 100 pounds.
  • This mattress comes with a limited 10-year warranty.
  • You can enjoy 100 nights on this mattress before you have to make a final decision.

6. Best Latex Mattress: GhostBed Mattress

GhostBed Mattress

If you need firm support, a GhostBed Mattress may be the best mattress under $1000. This is a three-layer mattress. The base is high-density foam for plenty of airflow and extreme stability.

The inner layer is a cooling latex gel foam for cool sleeping. The top layer of foam is an aerated polyfoam to provide you with heat and moisture-wicking comfort. If you are a tummy sleeper, this foam mattress may be exactly what you need.

Do be prepared for this mattress to be heavy; as a general rule, latex foam is heavier than polyester foam. While the cover on this mattress is plush, the foam layers are in the medium to firm range of comfort.

  • This mattress will work on an adjustable frame
  • Your GhostBed will protect your sleeping partner from motion transfer
  • Tummy sleepers will love having a cool mattress beneath them


  • There is some flex in the gel layer, but side sleepers may struggle to relax
  • If you or your partner weigh more than 300 pounds, you may want to buy the king
  • If you're extremely sensitive to latex, that upper layer may cause you distress

GhostBed Mattress

  • This has a 20-year warranty and will hold its shape over time.
  • You get to test drive this mattress for 101 nights.
  • This 11-inch mattress has a nice shape and will look great on your platform or metal frame.

7. Best Mattress for Side Sleepers: Puffy Mattress

Puffy Mattress

Side sleepers who love to snuggle in will adore the Puffy Mattress, made in the United States. This mattress offers plenty of support; in fact, it's on the firm side of medium overall.

However, the layering includes 6 inches of firm core support, 2 inches of Climate Comfort™ Foam for support in any position, 2 inches of heat-wicking Cooling Cloud™ Foam to carry away excess body heat and perspiration, and a stain-resistant cover to protect you from any allergic risk.

Puffy Mattresses work on adjustable bases, wooden slats, and box springs. If you need a mattress under $1000 that offers plenty of support for almost any sleeper, the Puffy will work!

This is one of the best mattresses under $1000 if you like a firm mattress with a bit of giving on the top. This mattress will allow you to snuggle in without overheating you. If you need a more plush experience, you can buy up.

  • Your Puffy comes with a lifetime warranty
  • You can finance any mattress sold on the Puffy website
  • Once ordered, your Puffy should be there in no more than 5 days with free shipping in the contiguous 48 states


  • This is an all foam mattress; if you need more bounce, this may be too solid
  • There are some showrooms, but you will probably need to buy this mattress to try it
  • There is no supportive edge on this foam mattress

Puffy Mattress

  • You can put this on any bed frame. It will also work on the floor.
  • Puffy mattresses have a high weight tolerance and will support up to 350 pounds per side or per twin or full-sized mattress.
  • You can try this mattress for 101 nights before making your final decision.

8. Best Firm Mattress: Cocoon Chill Mattress

Cocoon Chill Mattress

Back and tummy sleepers will love the Cocoon Chill Mattress. Every layer of this mattress is formulated to move heat away from the surface.

The cooling cover is particularly constructed to protect you from getting overheated on this mattress under 1000. The top layer of foam carries away heat. The middle layer of foam supports your body as you move; the deeper you sink, the more support you get.

The bottom layer of firm foam keeps your bed in excellent shape and supports those top layers of foam. If you've ever had problems with a mattress showing crush damage due to daily use, this bed may be the best choice for you.

This mattress will work with a slatted frame, a box spring, or an adjustable frame. When reviewing the best mattresses under $1000, this one will suit almost any sleeper.

  • This mattress has a ten-year warranty
  • Every layer of this mattress is made of Certi-Pur foam; the risk of outgassing is very low
  • If you're a cold sleeper and your partner is not, you can easily warm up this bed with a layer of down alternative


  • This mattress is designed to be cool to the touch. It will not soften as it warms up like other memory foam mattresses
  • Returning your mattress may be a multi-step process
  • Your Chill mattress has square edges and no side support to help you stand up

Cocoon Chill Mattress

  • Free sheets and pillows!
  • This is a lightweight mattress. The biggest option, the California King, is just 83 pounds.
  • You get 100 nights to make your final decision.

9. Best Cooling Mattress: Dreamfoam Chill Memory Foam Mattress

Dreamfoam Chill Memory Foam Mattress

If you're looking for the best mattresses under $1000 for tummy, back, or side sleepers, the whole line of Dreamfoam Chill Memory Foam Mattresses is worth a serious look. This is a simple two-layer mattress.

The more plush comfort you need, the thicker the mattress you will want to buy. The firmest mattress is just 6 inches thick and is 4 inches of foam for support and 2 inches of gel-infused memory foam to carry away heat. If you need more cushion or more room, you can get a 14 inch California King and still stay on budget.

You can also get toppers from this company. For those who sleep with partners who need a firmer or a softer mattress, it may be a good idea to invest in a large mattress that gives you plenty of space, then you can add a small topper, such as a twin, on the side of the sleeper that needs more cushion.

If you need your bed to be fully and evenly made up each day, you may have better luck wrapping the topper in a twin sheet, rolling it up and using it as part of the headboard.

  • You have 120 days to adjust and decide
  • Every layer of foam is hypo-allergenic
  • A Dreamfoam Chill is rated for 900 pounds, though the lower profiles are generally recommended for children and/or bunk beds


  • These won't work on a box spring; too much flex can damage the layering
  • The lowest profile mattresses may be too firm for an adult
  • If you get larger than a full-sized mattress, make sure you have a center support

Dreamfoam Chill Memory Foam Mattress

  • You can put this mattress on a platform or an adjustable frame. If your budget is tight, these beds under 1000 can go on the floor for a time.
  • These are very lightweight mattresses, from 25 pounds for a 6-inch twin to 125 pounds for split Alaska.
  • The rotation schedule for a foam mattress is generally 3 months; your Dreamfoam Chill only needs to be flipped every 6 months.

10. Best for Hip Pain: Bear Original

Bear Original

For those trying to manage hip pain, the best mattresses under $1000 need to offer pressure-relieving support. The Bear Original foam mattress has 4 layers of protection. The Celliant cover carries away excess heat.

Below the cover is a graphite-gel memory foam to carry away moisture and reduce the risk of bacterial build-up. Under that is a transition foam; as you move, you will get more support at pressure points of the hip and shoulder.

Finally, the high-density foam base will protect your mattress under $1000 from wear. You can put this mattress on a standard platform base or an adjustable frame. Hip pain is incredibly frustrating, especially as it can often wake you up when you finally get snuggled in place.

If you find that you're waking up with pain or having to reposition in the night because pain wakes you up, the Bear may help you sleep longer.

  • You can sleep on this bed for a full year and still get your money back
  • Your Bear Mattress has a lifetime warranty
  • Shipping in the lower 48 states is free via FedEx within 7 business days


  • This can be a heavy mattress; the California King weighs in at 140 pounds
  • This mattress will take time to expand and breathe before you can use it
  • You can't settle this mattress on a box spring

Bear Original

  • This mattress is Greenguard Gold Certified for limited outgassing.
  • You can finance almost any mattress from Bear if budget is a worry.
  • Extended accident protection is also available. If you also work, drink coffee or eat in your bed, this may be a great investment!

Things to Consider Before Buying a Mattress Under $1,000


You can get an incredibly comfortable mattress for under $1000. However, you need to pay special attention to your personal temperature and firmness needs. The old complaint about foam mattresses was that they were hot. Indeed, the early foam mattresses were extremely hot and often quite heavy. 

However, newer foam and cover technologies are focused on cooling and support.

It used to be that the deeper you sank, the hotter you got. Waking up sweaty is a terrible way to start your day. Luckily, new covers and foam formulations are cooler. 

If you are not a terribly hot sleeper, you may actually find that new foam is cooler than you find comfortable. Once you find the right density, you may need to boost the warmth capture of your bed with down alternatives or fleece blankets you can use to keep heat against your skin when your home is a bit cooler. 

You may ultimately find that you use fleece as a top sheet in the winter and swap it out for cotton in the summer.


Make sure you and your partner have plenty of room when reviewing the best mattresses under $1000. Having space to move away from each other to stretch out, read or just cool off is critical. 

The best mattress in the world will not provide you with quality sleep if you are tussling for space. Carefully review your storage needs under your platform bed. If you don’t need the storage, a platform bed with a sealed base may be perfect as long as it has center support. 

A large foam mattress will be heavy. The center support will be necessary to protect your mattress against adhesive damage. Your foam mattress needs to be flat to prevent damage over time.


A mattress under $1000 doesn’t have to feel like a temporary sleeping situation. If you can afford something closer to that $1,000 limit, you can get a great mattress with a quality warranty and a test drive guarantee. 

The thicker your mattress, the more you will probably pay. The more levels of complexity and comfort designed into the mattress, the more your mattress will cost. 

However, many multi-layer mattresses are made with patented materials or proprietary technology, which is an indication of a longer-lived company. 

Finally, a more expensive mattress company will probably give you better customer support moving forward.


A full foam mattress will generally be lighter than a hybrid mattress. Do carefully assess how much help you will need to get your new mattress into your sleeping area. 

A 125-pound mattress may be just what you need, but you will probably need help from a professional to get your new bed into a position where all you need to do is unbox and roll it out. 

Once it’s unboxed, this mattress may be exceptionally hard to move without help.


Foam beds under $1000 will need time to expand. They may also need fresh air as foam beds can outgas a bit. Even hybrid beds contain enough foam to lead to a bit of a chemical smell as they open up.

Carefully review the rules about your chosen mattress to make sure that you’re putting your mattress on the correct base. 

Some mattresses under $1000 can be placed on a box spring, though they’ll probably be quite tall. 

However, box springs do give some flex to the mattress. This flex can lead to shredding of the adhered layers of a foam mattress. Putting your mattress on the wrong base can destroy it.


Protecting your mattress from damage will require a guaranteed airflow. Some foam mattresses can be settled on the floor, but long-term, this is not a good choice. Keeping your mattress safe over time and comfortable in terms of temperature will take airflow. 

Air doesn’t move between the bottom of a mattress and the floor. Moisture will build up, even if the heat doesn’t become uncomfortable over time. Mold, bacteria, and mildew will destroy your new mattress quickly. 

If possible, invest in a suggested base from the mattress manufacturer to reduce the risk of dangerous moisture issues.

Weight Limits

Over time, too much pressure will cause crush damage to your mattress. Carefully review the weight limits of your intended mattress to make sure that you will not overload the mattress. 

Crushing damage from putting too much weight on the mattress will show up as trenches in the spot where you lay. You can protect your mattress by rotating it, not flipping it, on the recommended schedule.

Additionally, you will make sure that your platform choice is not too low. A very low-profile mattress on a low surface will be hard to get off of. This daily pressure along the edge of a foam mattress can lead to crushing damage along with the profile. 

Because many of us are a bit wobbly first thing in the morning, a taller platform and a bed with a firm edge may be the best choice for you.

Mattress Under $1,000 Pros and Cons

Things we like

  • A mattress under $1000 can mean the difference between keeping your mattress on the floor and putting it up on a frame. One of the big challenges with a floor mattress is that you may wake up cold and struggle with tension.
  • Another challenge with a floor mattress is that moisture can build up. With the right frame, you can also enjoy plenty of storage under your bed.

Not so much

  • One of the challenges with beds under $1000 is that they may lack durability over time.
  • If you get 100 nights to check out the bed but have to replace it in two years, you may have been better off spending more.
  • Additionally, you may find that a cheaper mattress may cost less at the start but be impossible to get replaced or refunded under warranty.

Tips for Best Deal on a Mattress

Focus on Comfort

For the best comfort, carefully assess your firmness needs. Many of the mattresses in this review have a firmness quiz. Take it to determine how much cushion you need. 

Next, make sure you buy the right size of mattress; if you and your partner need more space to spread out, go bigger. 

Tussling for space, sinking in too deeply, or struggling to get comfortable on a super-firm mattress is not a good investment.

Use Financing

For many of us, funds are tight. 

If you have high-interest debt that you’re working on, consider applying for 0% APR financing and paying off your mattress over time so you can afford one that actually works for you and your partner.

Mattress Pricing Factors


Many foam mattresses are made up of proprietary materials; many mattress manufacturers hold patents on the products that go into their beds, such as the cooling covers or some layers of foam. 

While you will pay more for these materials, if you need heat-wicking or special support, it will be completely worth it when you wake up cool and supported.


Foam layers add complexity to the design and manufacturing process. 

Of course, they also add comfort and support to the sleeper. If you are a side sleeper and need more cushion, you should be prepared to pay more for a softer mattress than a tummy sleeper who can take comfort from a firmer, simpler mattress.


A firmer mattress will generally have fewer layers than a softer or more plush mattress. It should be noted that a firm, dense mattress doesn’t have to be warmer than a more complex mattress with the right cover, but if you are looking for a firm mattress that does offer more cooling, you may need to spend a bit more.


  1. What is the best mattress that's affordable?

    Your need for softness will have a big impact on your mattress choice. For example, if you have sleep pain issues, you may need a more expensive mattress. Don't just go cheap.

  2. Can you get a good mattress for under $1,000?

    Yes! Be ready to do some studying.

  3. Can I return a bed purchased online?

    Yes, but you may need to try it for a minimum number of nights.

  4. What is the average price of a mattress?

    Depending on the size, you can expect to spend around $500 on a twin bed.

  5. Can I find a king-size mattress under $1,000?

    Yes! However, it may not be possible to get a king-sized mattress in a plush style.

  6. What is the best type of mattress?

    That depends on your need. For many sleepers, a firm bed is best. For others, a hybrid combination of coils and foam may provide the right amount of cushion. Take the assessment quiz to get the best mattress for you.


For best flexibility and comfort, the Nectar is the top recommendation of this review. The Nectar offers firmness with a soft, plush top. 

Nectar Mattress

This is a 5 layer mattress that offers plenty of flex as you move and turn. It’s useful for both side and back sleepers. Remember that sleep is incredibly personal. Tummy sleepers will probably not be comfortable on these beds; your need for support will direct your mattress choice. 

The Nectar can obviously be purchased in a variety of sizes, but you can also get these in different densities and levels of firmness.

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