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We believe good quality sleep is super important! That is why we have developed the SleepMattress blog to help our readers with sleeping tips, recommendations, and detailed guides.

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Hi, this is Pavel, the guy behind! I am a sleep science coach working with a team of writers, researchers, and doctors to get you the latest information about all things related to quality sleep.

We are all aware of the importance of quality sleep in our daily lives. A sleepless night or interrupted sleep might effect our productivity, concentration and mood. It is essential to choose the right products specifically tailored for you.

Read our detailed guides in case you need a new mattress, a new pillow or any other item. We will have a detailed look and help you make a wise decision that will make your life more comfortable.

Pavel Ufimtsev

Certified Sleep Science Coach

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Tips for Better Sleep


Bedtime Routine - Start your bedtime routine at the same time, 30 to 40 minutes before you lay your head down and sleep each night. Practice habits and activities that are easy to follow and promote a sense of relaxation.

Rest your Eyes from Electronic Devices(at least 30min before sleep) - Avoid having contact with electronic devices or staring at screens for at least 30 minutes before you plan to go to sleep. Pause your notifications and turn your phone on Airplane mode to avoid picking it up again.

Avoid Caffeine - What we call the coffee bean is actually the seed of a small red fruit conveniently called a cherry. In Ethiopia, they brew tea from dried coffee cherries. The rest of the world is happy with the toasted seeds.

Dark Room - Block out all external light and create a dark room by installing blackout curtains. Unplug devices with lights, disable nightlights, and roll a towel under the door to avoid sleep interruptions during the night.

Try Aromatherapy - Apply diluted essential oils to the skin to prompt relaxation, or add a few drops to your bath one to two hours before bed. You can also add a few drops of lavender or chamomile oil to a diffuser.

Meditation - Practice meditation 30 minutes before bed by lying on your back and taking deep breaths. Close your eyes and scan your body for any areas with muscle tension to target the areas and attempt to relax.

Tune in to White Noise - Turn on a white noise machine to mask background noise and keep it at a low volume to ensure you can still fall asleep. Place the sound at least six feet away from the bed.

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